Techniques and prices

Premium gift with high perceived value suiting all ages and genders

Giftware - Childrens Artwork

Using your child's art, we can transfer an image onto glassware

Giftware - Sweary Glassware

Kiln fired, frost decal or sandblasted. Sweary message of your choice. Perfect gift for someone you love.

Wedding Glasses

Perfect gift for the bride and groom or get one for the whole wedding party

Sport Glasses

End of season gift from the club, a keepsake for the players or a thank you gift for the coaches, managers, umpires and organisers

Age Glasses

Perfect gift for both Men & Women


Anything relating to unique New Zealand

Personalised Name

Ideal gift for friends, family, colleagues, teachers, coaches etc.......

End of line specials

Purchase as is or have them etched with text or design of your choice